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No Gods Before Me

Posted in Uncategorized by Perra J on May 27, 2012

I have read an interesting book on the conflict between science and religion.

Meant as a counterpoise to Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, this book is written by David Berlinski and bears appropriately the name The Devil’s Delusion, with the appending text: Atheism and its scientific pretensions. The name of this blog post: “No Gods Before Me”, is taken from the name of the first chapter in the book.

This is not a book review, however. Lots of reviews are already written and I would without doubt direct you to one, if you want an “objective” account on this book.

What I offer here are my own thoughts arisen from the reading, and from the basics of this age-old conflict – as I see it. Maybe also how it is seen by other sources within the realms of religion as well as science; I mean for example the new spiritual awareness rising on the planet, and the new non-material scientific insights; neither of those seem to take part in this conflict, which is interesting. Nevertheless it appears we have two camps here, where both are convinced they are right – hence “one must be right and the other wrong.”

So, firstly, I would direct attention on the possibility that we have two books in opposition to each other. Is one really right, the other wrong? Well, this is not the old tiresome argument of God’s existence, since Berlinski is not a believer – he’s a secular Jew, as he puts it. This makes it more interesting, since Richard Dawkins probably does not count on much “resistence” from non-believers. Berlinski uses his sharp intellect to detect some very obvious and alarming holes in Dawkins’ way of reasoning, without any need to defend something. And he does a splendid job. It’s higly enterteining and he has a lot of humor.

However, a sharp intellect is not enough, when it comes to these matters. You also have to have an openness, and a willingness to look at yourself. You have to have a willingness to question yourself, and a willingess to look beyond your own ego, beyond your fears.

In the preface, Berlinski takes note of the campaign driven by materialists like Dawkins, Sam Harris and many others, which might be concluded in one rude sentence:

Because scientific theories are true, religious beliefs must be false.

Sam Harris has also, Berlinski mentions, written an essay called “Science must destroy religion”.

Seen from the perspective of the new spiritual awareness, a perspective which this book as well as Dawkins’ book misses, this is a dualistic polarity, created by a dualistic state of mind. This is a state of mind that all the time requires that you see reality through a filter, which separates you from reality itself, to instead believe your thoughts about reality. And there, every thought has a counter-thought. That’s how duality works.

In this state of mind there are always two polarities; one is “right”, the other is “wrong”. Reality becomes something remote from you, even isolated from you. The materialistic/scientific approach sees reality as something which can be studied independently of yourself, because they are separated from reality, identified in their thought-streams. And we all are, more or less! I am not using a “they” here to make myself superior. Those who are the most identified in thought, are typically the ones who most aggressively insist that they KNOW reality. Hence, typically again, they have a “special” Modus Operandi:

1. Know reality.
2. Filter reality (all “incoming” information) through that knowledge.
3. Accept only the evidences that support the reality you already know is true.

It is a sad thing, really, when even scientists apply this state of consciousness. Not all of them do, though.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to notice the similarity between these people and religious fundamentalists. The latter also “just know” that there is a God (an outer, harsh God), and they then filter everything through it. The scientific materialists “just know” that the scientific method is the answer to everything. But it’s not. The scientific method is a tool, which may very well be misused, as well as God (the concept of God) has been misused. Study the picture here below, about the scientific method vs the creationist method. I can assure you that the “Creationist way” is very common among these “scientists”.

Conclusion: Religious fundamentalists and scientific materialists are the same kind of people. They just obey different power entities. That obedience allows them to shun responsibility for their lives. They both expect an authority to lead them. They both are close to aggression, and prone to the thinking that because they are correct, they have a right – and often an obligation – to force their “truth” upon the rest of humanity.

Both of them are believers. And what they believe in are their own mental images of an authority. It does not matter if it is a godly authority, or a scientific. And they have identified themselves with their mental images, their thoughts. Their sense of identity then governs their intellect, and decides what is true and what is false, regardless of what is actually proven. Even what they are, is a mental image. When that happens, fear arises, and their lives become an endless struggle to keep fear at a distance. When they succeed with this, they are prideful and arrogant. These mental images are of course the “Gods before me”.

This is the egoic mind. And make no mistake: we are all living this, more or less. Me also. You also. Berlinski’s book is written out of the tendency to look at reality, and the fundamental guiding principles of life (science and religion) – through the filter of the egoic mind.

So, let’s look at this phrase again:

Because scientific theories are true, religious beliefs must be false.

Both of the sides here are wrong. Both sides are discussing mental images that do not exist. The debate is not leading anywhere, but serves only to strengthen the egoic minds of the partipiciants at both camps.

But if you heighten your awareness a little, and take one step back to see the overall picture, most likely you’ll find a rude decision upon delicate and questionable matters.

And always a big propaganda apparatus designed to keep your attention away from that decision – and when the decision is forgotten (not before) you are at sudden susceptible to a plethora of “evidences”, seeming real to you. There are for example “tons of evidences”, Dawkins insists, clearly showing us that the evolution is true, that it should replace God, that we are nothing more than our bodies, and that materialistic science is our true guiding principle.

But if you do not let yourself be overwhelmed by lots of talking, and if you can overcome your respect for authority, you will discover – as Berlinski – that there is not even one evidence.

In other words there are evidences that make sense to you only after you have lowered your level of awareness (and your sense of identity). Only after that you have allowed your awareness to be subjugated by the dualistic conflict, whereby you become blind to anything outside of the very conflict, these evidences state The Truth for you. And this is indeed scary.

Berlinski mentions for example the “747 Gambit”; a parable emerged from Fred Hoyle:

“The spontaneous emergence of life on Earth, Hoyle observed, is about as likely as a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and assembling a Boeing 747 out of the debris”

This is simply overlooked, bluntly omitted by the same community that states the “tons of evidences”. And when you insist on having them consider this view, they become aggressive. If you do not confront them with it, though, (this is unfortunately practiced too often), they are often humble, making a point of the importance of honesty. But what they really are doing is creating a pseudo reality – a Truman Show – that works only as long as you do not question certain things.

Likewise, when you’re dreaming, circumstances in the dream may feel very evident, but only as long as you believe in the dream, only as long as you feel identified in your dream. A higher state of awareness (the awakening) renders all evidences unreal, they just disappear.

Richard Dawkins is a classy Englishman, elegant in speech and manners. And the Devil cannot always go on with aggression but has to cover it under a veil of sophistication and style. It is very interesting to read Dawkins’ official “answer” to the “Boeing 747 Gambit” (from page 141 im Berlinski’s book):

“But, Dawkins affirms, if a tornado cannot do the job of creating life, God cannot do the job of creating the universe”

(Berlinski describes this as an “intellectual maneuver, judo-like in its purity of effect and devastating in its consequences”)

Do you see what happens? Dawkins can get away with this. 80% of the people just shrug, more or less automatically acknowledging him as an authority in his field.

Dawkins apparently reduces the question of Life to a rhetoric game where all depends on winning a discussion, to make an elegant rhetoric touch (he is also charming, and has some charisma). And the next day he can continue his dogma, saying that the universe was just appearing out of pure coincidence, from nothing. But that lie is of course skillfully hidden behind a veil, seemingly beyond your responsibility. He catches your attention, causing you to look at less abstract things, which seems more real to you – and you are deceived.

And, the inevitable consequence; what struck me like a hammer when I read this, and the most important of all (is it apparent also to you?):

There is no true scientific investigation going on regarding these matters at all.

Everything is just rhetoric propaganda, born out of the need to defend positions and investments.


There is no true scientific investigation going on regarding these matters at all.

But the masses think that there is. All this materialistic propaganda “in the name of scientific evidence” feeds on our tendency to listen to authority and letting them talk, and the masses’ exaggerated respect for it; the respect for scientific authority.
There are no evidences for anything, yet the masses are deceived to believe that there are.

See the video here with David Berlinski. Hear the questions asked. What strucks me here, is that they are not getting anywhere. That counts also for Berlinski himself.

They see reality as separated from themselves, like some remote “model”, you can grasp with your intellect. Intellectuality feeds the egoic mind, but it does not work that way.

It’s about Presence. Presence in the now. Not being identified in thought-streams.

The egoic mind, with its fearful survival instinct, succumbs in the now, and leaves room for a higher understanding (with “higher” I do not mean “elevated”) – and an even higher intellect. Let the egoic mind, with all its fears, die.

When you are trapped in one of the dualistic polarities, you miss the overall view, you become blind to what’s outside the conflict. You see on only the other polarity.

There IS really a God delusion. There IS also a corresponding scientific delusion. And that delusion must be overcome, before we can question ourselves if there is a God, or begin to use science in a more meaningful way.

This kind of science already exists. If you study quantum physics, you will discover that what I said earlier about reality as some remote concept, which can be studied independently of ourselves, does not work. On the contrary, the scientific discoveries within this field, clearly proves that our minds have influence over reality, and that if we change ourselves, reality will change. There is a new scientific age at hand, but only if you are willing to look at yourself. But the materialists refuse, hence science itself has been split into two conflicting camps!

But few are aware of this! People are instead introduced into this conflict, and they are made to believe that the scientific materialism here is all science there is! But scientific materialism is not science. It is a branch of science that no longer works, yet is fighting for survival. And they still have resources to fight, since the mighty Big Pharma industry relies on this type of science.
When the egoic mind grasps a scientific concept, it turns it into a power instrument, and uses it to exert power and control.

And what about the religious side?
In all religions, there are sacred scriptures overlooked and/or abused by the egoic mind – but these scriptures all have a common denominator that connects all religions: the message of oneness and non-duality.

We are all interconnected. We are all one.

You can find that trace in every religion in the world, in fact. Every religion has an inner core of truth and an outer story of the egoic mind corrupting it all. The latter is most oftenly – sadly enough – regarded officially as the true religion. The Catholic inquisition is an example (and the inquisition exists also today, it is just having a different name). Islamic Jihad is another example. When the egoic mind grasps a spiritual concept, it turns it into a power instrument, and uses it to exert power and control.

Tao Te Ching has the inner core of non-duality. And Ramana Maharsi has it, Jesus tells us about it, and even Islam, through the Sufi texts (read Rumi, the Sufi poet!). Buddha tells it, and all of the current spiritual teachers from every corner of the world: Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Gangaji… I recommend having a look at Buddha at the Gas Pump. Listen to them, see these interviews and realize that they all – at a level – have the same message.

Raising Consciousness

Posted in Uncategorized by Perra J on March 15, 2011
I often get the question: What is consciousness? How do you raise consciousness?
I use to answer with an episode from my early childhood, I think I was five. I had a friend who was also five then…The scenery was as follows: We had both learned from our parents what is “right” and what is “left”.
And we sat outside on the lawn, at the opposite of each other. And we had a quarrel that heated up very fast, because I pointed at my left and shouted at my friend (who more and more became an enemy): “LEFT IS IN THAT DIRECTION!!”
“NO!, my friend shouted back: “LEFT IS IN THAT DIRECTION!!!” and he pointed at my right.So we continued for some minutes, and it became really outrageous, we were ready to almost kill each other!
But then an old man came by, he stood there for a while, with a great smile on his lips…

“You are both correct”, he said. “And you are both wrong”.
I remember this for the rest of my life, how hard it was to transcend this situation and see it from a distance, where it stood clear as day that his right was my left and vice versa. How hard it was to do as the man told me: “Be in your friends position and tell me what is right and left!“.

And I will remember to my death day how it felt to realize it. This was not an intellectual insight, but I raised my consciousness, and the intellectual gain came from it. Everything just blew away!

We were helplessly closed within ourselves, catched in a conflict, unable to see the situation! The only important thing was the enemy I had in front of me – and he felt the same.

This was our first encounter with the human ego. And the dualistic state of consciousness, where one side is wrong, and an opposite side is false.

Raising consciousness is to recognize such spheres of false identification – mental boxes – so you transcend them, then they just blow away and you are in a much wider sphere. In the childhood this becomes much more pronounced than ever in the adulthood. But the principle is the same…

I wonder what had happened had not that man shown up. And what he meant with “You are both wrong” (but I think I know that answer…)